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How we help you

At POCMa Ltd, we are passionate at ensuring efficient Business Operations by combining Business & Information Technology (IT) !

We can do it thanks to

  • the combination of our broad experience in large and small companies 

  • our consideration of both the big picture and detail

  • our capability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders, on both the business “side” & the IT “side”


We are result-oriented: from the begin onwards, we set the focus on the results that are targeted by our work, first by clarifying them with the different stakeholders of the Client, then by targeting them during our work.


We work in an organized and structured way, applying the industry's best practices.


We work both conceptionally and hands-on.


POCMa Ltd works in close collaboration with your staff, allowing to combine Operations-, Change- & Project-Management expertise with the domain expertise of your staff.


It is the combination of our 1) experience and 2) knowledge that will allow POCMa Ltd to best support you.

1) Experience


Achievements of our staff include:

  • Operations Lead (COO) for a Fintech

  • Business and IT Analysis for a new regulation

  • Project-Management, incl. offshoring

  • Business & IT Analysis for a CRM System

  • Adaptation to Data privacy regulation (GDPR)

2) Knowledge


Diploma/certifications include:

  • MBA & CFA® (Operations)

  • Computer Engineer ETH 

  • PMP® (Project Management)

  • PSM® I Scrum Master and PSPO® I Product Owner (Agile)

  • ITIL® 4 Foundation (IT Service-Management)

Knowledge includes:

  • ADKAR® (Change-Management)

  • DRII (Disaster Recovery Institute International)

We use mostly modern means of communication, rather than onsite presence, whenever possible. This is good for the climate and is also good for efficiency. Of course, when required by the work performed, or by the Client, we will also work onsite.

or just want to know more?

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