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About us

POCMa Ltd is a Swiss company located in the beautiful city of Zug and active in the whole Switzerland. Despite of being located in such a nice environment, we work hard in order to make our Clients successful!
Can you imagine …

  • …your satisfaction, if you can focus on your area of expertise?

  • …your peace of mind, if your projects are on time, quality and budget?

  • …your confidence, if your company’s operations are efficient and sustainable?

POCMa Ltd brings small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the transversal project- and operations-related expertise, and combine it with the enterprises’ expertise in their field of competence.

Our vision is to bring SMEs the same project and operations expertise that is available in large companies and to help the SMEs ensure that their projects and operations are both efficient and sustainable.

For the areas it does not cover, POCMa Ltd will strive to provide a contact to a partner, availability permitting.

Serge Garazi is the Managing Director (      ) of POCMa Ltd. Serge is a senior Professional combining expertise in Business and Information Technology.

Serge combines a hands-on experience in both small and large companies. He managed small and large projects, performed business- & IT-analysis and change-management, was also Management consultant, responsible for operations and worked in agile change.

Serge combines his business and IT education. On the business side, he completed the CFA certification in Finance and got an MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus university). On the IT side, he complemented his Computer Engineer ETHZ degree with certifications in Project-Management (both waterfall, PMP® Project Management Professional and agile: PSM® I Scrum Master and PSPO® I Product Owner) as well as IT-Service-Management (ITIL® 4 Foundation). 


Serge is a Swiss citizen. He combines knowledge of French, English and German and Italian. He combines a youth in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, with a career in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and abroad.

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