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Your Swiss reference Partner for: Projects - Operations & Change-Management

Our Services

POCMa Ltd helps CEOs, COOs, IT-Leads and Managers of small and medium-size enterprises (SME) ensure that their 1) Projects 2) Operations and 3) Change are both efficient and resilient.

1) Projects

  • Are your projects in time, budget and quality?

  • Is the communication between all stakeholders (inclusive IT) working as expected?

  • Do your projects bring value from day 1?

2) Operations

  • Are your operations and processes efficient and goal-oriented?

  • Do you manage your business continuity? Are you aware of your risks?

  • Do your IT systems support your company objectives?

3) Change

  • Does your agile change work according to expectations?

POCMa Ltd helps you be able to answer "Yes"!


More concretely, do you need the support of a Project-Manager, a Business Analyst, an IT Analyst, a Change-Manager, an Operations Manager, a Scrum Master or Product Owner?


How we help you

We are passionate about ensuring efficient Business Operations by combining Business & Information Technology (IT)! We work:


Organized and structured using the industry's best practices

Conceptionally and hands-on

In collaboration with your staff

Combining our broad experience and first-class knowledge

We possess a broad experience, based on a first-class Business & IT knowledge (MBA, CFA®, Computer Engineer ETH, PMP®, Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.)

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About Us

POCMa Ltd is a Swiss company located in the beautiful city of Zug and active in the whole Switzerland.

Can you imagine

  • your satisfaction, if you can focus on your area of expertise?

  • your confidence, if your company’s operations are as efficient as they can be?

  • your peace of mind, if your projects are managed by professionals?


Want to discuss what keeps you awake at night? Or, simply want more information? Feel free to contact us!

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